Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Join one of our volunteer projects:
1. Wildlife track and sign monitoring
2. Community art mural “Protect Our Wildlife Corridors”
3. Monitor your own camera trap!
4. Help conduct and produce video interviews of local elders
See our “Contact Us” page to sign up or ask questions.
Here is some information about our Wildlife track and sign montoring project:

Casey McFarland, a Professional Wildlife Tracker,  is currently working with us to set up some regular trail lines to walk (called “transects”) which can be used to gather data on how many, and what kind of animals are crossing a given area.  Once we have enough people trained in basic track and sign identification, we can then train volunteers to walk these transects and collect data on a regular basis.  This is also being done in Southern AZ, see the Sky Island Alliance Home .

Casey McFarland, Professional Wildlife Tracker

Casey McFarland, Professional Wildlife Tracker

A group from Pathways with Casey McFarland, professional wildlife tracker.  (Casey is in the back at left)

Packrat Tracks

Packrat Tracks

Casey examining fine detail of packrat tracks.
Bobcat vs Coyote Tracks

Bobcat vs Coyote Tracks

Casey pointing out differences between coyote and bobcat tracks in the dried mud of the Ojito Wilderness.

Here is a form you can use to record your own wildlife sightings:a-




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