Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

The weather calmed down and cleared up last weekend to make the Wildlife Track and Sign course with Casey McFarland easier to enjoy. As usual, Casey never ceases to amaze with his knowledge and ability to not only find a large variety of animal tracks and sign, but to teach and provide the “signatures” to help us identify these species in the future.

Muskrat tracks

Roadrunner track

These photos are just a couple of the approx. two dozen examples of wildlife track and sign we identified last weekend. Not only did we identify these “signatures” left behind, but gained an appreciation of the rich diversity of life within the city limits of Albuquerque, and in the nearby Sandia Mts. Sitting still long enough to let the land into your senses, you begin to realize how much there is to see here, and more importantly, how many animals, of all kinds, it takes to maintain the healthy, balanced environment in which we live. When we then realize that the environment in which we live is not healthy or balanced, we appreciate even more the role that wildlife plays in keeping us healthy, comfortable and alive.

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