Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Again, the UV Index | SunWise | US EPA. is “off-the-charts” up in the maximum range of 15 for most of the state of NM.  Not only is it hot here, but it feels like the sun is burning you, and it is.  With our UV levels at maximum, we would have abundant plant growth, if we had any water to go along with the extreme ultra-violet radiation levels.  Most animals seek shade these days, or come out at night.  The moon is near full, so the nights are bright and warm, the usual cooling isn’t kicking in so much either.  Temperatures are near 80 degrees F. at night up here at 6,000′ above sea level.  An abundance of lizards this year, and today we saw our first coachwhip ( a pink racer) snake at this location.  It was about 4 ft. long and moved like you wouldn’t believe.  I could swear it made a vibrating sound as it moved along the ground.

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