Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors


View the graphic story here: 2012 Annual Weather Highlights Hydrology/Drought.

Why do we focus on weather, rain and snow in particular, so much?  Wildlife depend on a regular cycle of food and nourishment which begins with elemental rain and snow pack.  For the past two full years now, this cycle has been disrupted on a large scale, covering several states with severe to exceptional drought.  But what can we do about the weather?

The first thing we can do is realize that we are not powerless. That ” we can do nothing about the weather “, is an old and simple statement, but not correct.  We have evolved with weather, adapted to it, and yes, have even changed climates around the world with our agricultural and forestry successes/disasters.  But lets focus on the positive powers we have, and what we can do about the weather with those powers. The first blessing we have, and this is no small one, is that we can be aware of our situation.  To recognize that we are in a drought may seem obvious and not very helpful, but when you see people who are not aware of this fact, and there are many, you start to realize that being aware of your situation is indeed essential.

———    Cherish Native Shade Trees ———-

Just as people can prepare for hurricanes, winter cold, and summer vacations, we can also prepare for drought.  This is another way we can do something about the weather, we do it all the time, we prepare for it. But besides preparing on a personal level with the type of clothing we may wear, stocking up on firewood and fuel, and weatherizing our homes, there are things we can do for our immediate environment, and by extension, for wildlife.  To affect the weather in a positive way for people and wildlife, planting native trees is a way humans can gain some traction with this seemingly large scale phenomenon we call “weather”.  Weather is large scale, and that is where we feel we can’t do anything about it, and where we even lose sense of how we have affected it with our own large scale population/activities.  But weather is also “all scale”, from the microscopic to the global/solar/stellar.  Its the human scale where we fit in, the person, the neighborhood, the town.  There are things we can do to affect the weather in a positive, balanced way; we have been doing these things for millennia, tending our forests, our trees, preventing erosion, maintaining natural springs.  Tending and caring for these valuable resources may be a lost value, but it can be regained, we have the power to do so.

Flash floods bring down silt from wildfire scar.

Comments on: "2012 Annual Weather Highlights Hydrology/Drought" (2)

  1. We have the power but I’m afraid not the political will.

  2. Doesn’t seem like it, does it? Although Congress did just pass a huge relief bill for Hurricane Sandy victims, so maybe the political will comes around from behind…

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