Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Read the latest article here: Judge rejects plan for Vegas to draw rural water.  This issue has been brewing for the past few years, and  Las Vegas will continue its struggle for survival as Lake Mead water levels fall.  Another 36 foot drop of Lake Mead’s surface, and no more hydroelectric power can be generated by Hoover Dam.  So there is more than water for “Sin City” to worry about.  These issues of water, agriculture, people, and wildlife will continue to move to the forefront here in the West surface waters recede.  Same issues, but from a different perspective as surface and Ocean waters increase in the East.

So how will people live on Earth with the life that makes it not only possible, but enjoyable?

Comments on: "Judge rejects plan for Vegas to draw rural water" (2)

  1. How will we respond to the non-human on our planet – really good question, Peter.

    How will our response unfold to the cycles interrupted/corrupted?

    Those of us who are in touch with the nourishment of our souls that only our planet’s innate rhythms provide can take refuge in community and action. and creativity. Take refuge in each others’ knowledge and concern, banding together in our awareness and holding it out in front.

    This judge knew the laws that have been set down to protect. Will the power brokers try to turn the decision around?

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