Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Tracker Certification








Deer tracks

Deer tracks

This weekend Pathways will be helping with another wildlife track and sign course with professional tracker,

Casey McFarland.  Read some of the history of this course here:  History | Tracker Certification.

There is still room for a couple more people, so contact Casey directly; email: and take advantage of this great opportunity to see another side of animal, bird and insect life here in NM.


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  1. said:

    Good morning.  Thank you for putting a smile on my face, again!  You seem to have a knack for that 🙂    I looked, quickly, at the links and loved one phrase particularly well.  The phrase isn’t poetic, but carries such deep meaning for what is being accomplished.  The phrase is from the Cyber Tracker’s link to the San Diego Tracking Team, “our data is used in planning transportation and urban development projects.”  How cool is that?  I dream of the day when our Collaborative can make such a claim.  I hope to devour all of the info when I get home tonight.   Since there is still room for more participants in Casey’s class, would you like me to contact Colleen (and/or the MN Intern) responsible for distribution of notices and ask them to send a reminder about the class.  Perhaps some people feel they’ve already missed the chance to join, or they may have forgotten that the class is this weekend.  It’s worth a try, that is IF Casey wants more participants.  I’d love for the class to be 3 people (laughing) cuz we’d get more out of it, but I know it needs to be productive timewise/moneywise for Casey.   Virtual hug.  Love you! S  

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