Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Go to the article at here:  Colorado’s First Wildlife Bridge

and read about how Grand County, Colorado puts up the money just in time to receive matching Federal monies to build this first (of several planned) overpass for wildlife in CO.

Comments on: "Colorado’s First Wildlife Bridge" (3)

  1. There is one here, about 50 miles from where I live. I’ve not seen animals on it, but wildlife cameras have been set up and the variety of animals who use it is awesome.

  2. Thanks Montucky, is that in Montana? I think I’ve seen photos of that one too, with lots of elk using it to cross the highway. There is one in Arizona working well, constructed specifically for Desert Bighorn Sheep to get across a highway that cuts through their mountain habitat.

  3. said:

    THIS is how all states should address the issue. and, WOW, approximately 250 people raised $1 million within 40 days! Impressive!   Keep the news coming!    

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