Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

2nd year of W.O.N.

Pathways is starting its second year of contributing wildlife photo data to the Wildlife Observers Network: Source: Pathways: Wildlife Corridors of NM | WON

The W.O.N. network is a project of the UC Davis road ecology dept. who is studying wildlife corridor protection effects on preventing animal/human tragedies where these animal movement corridors intersect with roads and highways.

The New Mexico Dept. of Transportation (NM DOT) has placed Wildlife Corridor signage on the north end of Sandia Mt. alerting motorists to a 9 mile stretch of highway that cuts through widlife movement corridors to and from Sandia Mt.

Pathways has been gathering data on the types of animals who live here on the north end of Sandia Mt. since 2007, and with motion activated cameras since 2015.  We are adding cameras and the volunteers to check them, vet the memory cards, archive the data, and post some of the best ones (along with contributions from other local camera volunteers) to the W.O.N. website, see link above.  Contact us to join our dedicated people who are learning about our wild relatives who live here with us in New Mexico.

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