Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

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June 2013 edition of the “Green Fire Times”

Link here:

June 2013.

to read the June edition of the “Green Fire Times” online. The whole issue is dedicated to wildlife connectivity with the land in the state of NM, and the cover is pretty nice too!


Grouting day, March 31st, 2012

Volunteers arrived all day at the mural panel site, helping to grout the glass and clay tile "Bosque" scene.

Join Pathways, an all volunteer, grass-roots organization, and help local wildlife survive in the human world.

Next on the agenda is to create a children’s coloring book of each mural panel, similar to the  “Life zones and habitats of New Mexico”  of the Project Wild educational materials.

Pathways also has a number of other wildlife related projects, please “Contact Us” to find out more!

March 30th, Installation Day

The last panel in the series of community wildlife murals was installed on March 30th, the product of many hearts and hands throughout the area.  Image

This panel depicts a “bosque” scene along the Rio Grande, with Sandhill Cranes, a beaver, a bobcat, and many other creatures found along the river.  Congratulations on this all-volunteer effort to bring awareness of the animals who live here to the human community.  This completes a five year long project, way to go Pathways!

Mural project update by Cirrelda Snyder-Bryan

On our mural front – Bosque School seventh grade classes will complete whimsical cacti and these will be installed directly on the PNM substation walls, adjacent to the Placitas Recycling Center. A 4’x8′ panel of Wild Horses will be placed to the right of the “Protect Our Wildlife Corridors”  and join the other ecosystem/ animal panels. Stamped clay tiles of EVERYONE who has helped in some way will be placed on the Recycling Center Wall to the left of the driveway opening.
The 4th 9 foot by 6 foot mosaic panel – focusing on the riparian ecosystem, “the bosque” – will be started in January by the 8th grade Advanced Art class at Bernalillo Middle School who will design and make the big animals. We are lucky to have guest speaker Timothy Smith, Biology Technician at Sandia Pueblo, join the class for a first Monday field trip to the bosque at Kuaua (Coronado Monument), and come into the classroom the next day to share about the Pueblo’s efforts to re-introduce wild Turkeys to their lands. Algodones Elementary students will participate making plant tiles for the 4th panel, as Placitas Elementary students did last year for the Grasslands panel.

Volunteers grout the Grasslands panel

Pathways community mosaic mural project, “Protect Our Wildlife Corridors”

Black bears need to be able to move between the Sandia and Jemez Mts.

Black bears need to be able to move between the Sandia and Jemez Mts.