Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors


Wildlife Corridors of New Mexico

Who we are:
We are a Grassroots Collective of Citizen Scientists who share the vision to see that all
animals who need to move between the mountains of NM may do so freely and without harm. This in turn, through our
mission to recognize and protect our State’s vital wildlife conectivity, will help to improve
the health of our New Mexico lands.

Our Philosophy:
We take care of the wildlife, the wildlife takes care of the land, and from this we all

What we do:
Through community outreach and collaboration with other conservation organizations,
we fulfill our mission of recognizing and protecting the health of wildlife continuity. We
provide maps, information, on the ground research through wildlife track and sign data
collection, and our camera trap program. We work with State, local, and Federal agencies,
private land owners, and others to accomplish this goal. We reach out to communities
throughout the State through activities, tracking workshops, presentations, and
interactive community projects.

We belong:
To a community of individuals and organizations including: New Mexico Wildways: (New
Mexico Wilderness Alliance,  Ecotone, Bird’s Eye View GIS,
Wildlands Network), Trust for Public Land, Albuquerque
Wildlife Federation,The Nature Conservancy, Las Placitas Association

Long term Goals and Commitments:
We are committed to protecting the last unobstructed wildlife corridor on Sandia
mountain by supporting the USFS decision to close the NE corner of the Sandia Ranger
District to motorized use. This goal has been achieved! ( Spring of ‘09)
We are embarking on a three year wildlife mural project along Hwy. 165 through Placitas
which will involve community members, businesses, school children, and seniors to create
a lasting, visible reminder of the wildlife connections we value.
The mosaic sign, “Protect Our Wildlife Corridors”, and 2, nine foot wide by six and a
half foot tall animal panels have been completed (’08). Two more panels of the same
size are to be completed this year, with the first one to be installed May 30-31 ‘09.
This was achieved on time! There are now 3 panels installed, plus the sign, with another
panel scheduled to be installed by May of 2010. This has been acheived! Please see “Mural Project” in the side-bar for a complete project history with photos!
We are commited to starting up a Citizen Scientist wildlife track and sign monitoring
program which will provide scientifically valid data to local, state and federal governments.
We have begun this effort and currently have 14 volunteers gaining field time
and training to become qualified monitors in the Placitas area. A goal is to have 2 team
leaders qualified at level 3 track and sign by this fall ‘09. This has been achieved! We
now have 2 teams of qualified volunteers who are ready to gather official data starting
in Jan. of 2010.
To work with NMDOT and other agencies to construct a bridge over Las Huertas Cr. at
I-25 to replace the existing culverts. This will allow safer passage of wildlife under the
interstate along a vital wildlife corridor. This goal will of course be tied to the reconstruction
of this section of I-25.

Achievements include:
Producing maps and information describing the wildlife corridors between
Sandia, Jemez and Sangre de Christo Mts. This raises public awareness and interest
in protecting these vital connections.
Completion of eight (of 8) mosaic mural panels, “Protect Our Wildlife Corridors”.
Two qualified team leaders who are training volunteers in wildlife track
and sign monitoring in the Placitas area. Data collection and documentation of
wildlife corridor locations and uses. Organizing the Citizen Scientist wildlife
monitoring program in this area.
Providing a meeting place and schedule of regular monthly meetings. The
4th Tuesday of every month, 6:30 pm, at the Placitas Senior Center. Location:
#41 Camino de las Huertas, Placitas, NM 87043.
Input to the U.S.F.S., B.L.M. and Sandoval County informing various land
use decision making processes. A goal is to meet with Sandoval County and
NMSGF by June of ‘10 to discuss a wildlife corridor study in the Placitas area.
The Placitas Area Plan was just passed by the Sandoval County Commission in
April ‘09 and includes the desire of the County for such a study.
Outreach to other communities to encourage an interest in forming
additional wildlife corridor protection groups.
We have met with interested parties in the Jemez and Galisteo
area many times over the past two years, and a goal of Pathways is to support
and encourage the formation of wildlife corridor identification and protection
groups statewide. The workshop on June 10th with the Wildlands Network
helped to further that goal by forming a coalition: New Mexico Wildways. See
members in side-bar “links”.

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