Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Deer release

One of the priority wildlife passages in the Rocky Mts. is highlighted here in this NY Times piece:

For Mule Deer, an Incredible Journey –

Trek West trailer on Vimeo

Jaguar in northern Mexico

Jaguar in northern Mexico

Wildlife advocate John Davis trekked from Mexico to Canada along the “Spine of the Continent” to bring attention to the need for wildlife corridors.
Watch a trailer from the Trek West film by film maker Ed George here:

Trek West trailer on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Trek West trailer on Vimeo.

Bobcat takes a break in the yard

Bobcat takes a break in the yard

Yes, bobcats are being trapped here in NM as well, but we’re a long way from CA as you can see in this link to “Project Coyote” and their efforts to protect bobcats in CA:

Help Ban Bobcat Trapping in CA!.

A good description (much better than mine) of how to post a wildlife observation to iNaturalist, by Jonah Evans, on his “Nature Tracking” site:

Animal Tracks on iNaturalist.

Animal tracking data

Black Bear

Bobcat tracks

Bobcat tracks

Happy New Year, and good news for Pathways: our stock just went up with the acquisition of iNaturalist by the California Academy of Sciences. Come see our project there at iNaturalist and post your own wildlife sightings, including identifiable tracks, scat, and other sign you’re sure of. The great part about iNaturalist is that even if you’re a little shaky on the ID, you can call for help from a whole team of professionals around the world who can help you make that identification. Also, its good for Pathways to have our posted data checked and “verified” by experts in the field, who can then mark our data as “research grade” if it passes muster. Visit our Pathways project at iNatrualist here:

So keep those photos coming, and we’ll see you out on the trail in 2015, Thanks!

California Academy of Sciences.

Cheers to you Johnathan for your inspiration to bring people together and open dialogue about wolves in Minnesota. Read the article here:
Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project enlists volunteers.

Jonathan Poppele

Read the lengthly article, with lots of gorgeous photos, here:

Seeking justice for Corazón: jaguar killings test the conservation movement in Mexico.

Jaguar in northern Mexico

As iconic and well loved as the Jaguar is in Mexico, there are still those who would wantonly kill them. As the article points out however, in this case it could make the social contract with the jaguar in Mexico even stronger.


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