Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Read the post here:  I Am the Walrus: What 35,000 Walruses Tell Us About Our Future in Warming World

by Miyoko S. about the current state of Arctic sea ice, oil drilling in the Arctic, and the consequences for all of us walrus.

The article last Monday in the ABQ Journal confused the number of years this study has been going, giving this data more credit than it currently deserves.  This is the first year of the study in the Sandia Mts., while it has been going for three years in other mountain ranges of NM. The article stated that this the third year in the Sandias as well, but that just isn’t true.  I’ve been participating in this study, along with 9 other groups/agencies, and the data is just now coming in for our first year (2014).

This is important because for Game and Fish to increase the bear hunt in the Sandia Mts. based on one year’s worth of data is just wrong.

Read the Journal article here: Bear-kill boost upsets critics | Albuquerque Journal News.

Read the article from KCET here: California Bans Bobcat Trapping in 3-2 Vote. Bobcats are one of our “focal species” here at Pathways, because, even though they are a smaller, “mezzo-predator”, and don’t range as far and wide as our other focal species, we have included them because of the hunting/trapping pressure being put on them for the fur business.  Being “common” is no protection for an animal, as most of the animals now extirpated were once “common”. Humans have literally become the balance of nature over the past century (especially), deciding which animals will live, in how many numbers, and which are not worth our trouble; but we are still confounded by “invasive species” and those we consider pests. We’re trying to control this ship yet, and we must try, but I don’t think anyone can or really ever has.  Nature is a beautiful thing when she is in balance, and everyone has a chance to be who they are.  But now, we’re drowning in human beings, nature is something “out there” or far away, and we don’t even know what animals are really here for. So yea for California, but lets think about what a bobcat is, all of the other plants and animals that make it possible for this mid-size cat to be in the hills, and at last, where do we fit in?


Speak out against the proposed increase in killing Mountain Lions in New Mexico. Sign the petition here:STOP COUGAR TRAPPING.

Please sign by Sunday, August 16th!  Following the link above will take you to “”, where you can download a PDF of the petition to share.  

Thank you for signing and making your comments to protect the Mountain Lion from needless slaughter.  

What’s the future of polar bears? Studies say they may soon be extinct.

This article from the Christian Science Monitor describes the sad fate of polar bears, who are being left to die in a melting Arctic Sea by the US Fish&Wildlife Service.  When are “responsible” government agencies going to become  ~ responsible?

Mt. Lion, glass door, housecat


Well how about from the comfort of your living room?  This is a truly remarkable video of a Mountain Lion playing , or wanting, but certainly interacting with, a house cat. Lets just say this family’s children will not be playing outside unsupervised any more.

Cat in face-off with mountain lion – BBC News.

Mountain Lion/human interactions are on the increase, and the more we understand about the ecological role of these top carnivores, the better. The better for us, the Mountain Lions, the deer, and all the myriad interactions that ensue from the presence of a top carnivore, designed to cull the weak, the sick, and (ulp) the young.  Of course healthy deer populations are our best ally when we live in Mountain Lion territory, as Deer, Elk, rabbits and other small animals are what Mountain Lions have evolved to eat, not humans.  



Cat in face-off with mountain lion – BBC News.

wildlife overpass

Here is an example of what can happen when people put their money where their mouth is.  If AZ can do it, NM can do it!

Voter-approved wildlife crossing part of Oracle Road widening.

People gotta drive, animals gotta move! But road-kill, no gotta happen.


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