Indentifying and Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Book List

Pathways Book List:
including novels, reference, non-fiction, field guides and films

“Spine of the Continent” Mary Ellen Hanibal
“Continental Divide” Krista Schyler
“Man Swarm” Dave Foreman
“Take Back Conservation” ” ”
“A Great Aridness” William DeBuys
“Mycelium Running” Paul Staments
“Silent Spring” Rachel Carson
“Wild Ones: A sometimes..” Jon Mooallem
“Tracks and Shadows: Field
Biology as Art” Harry W. Greene
“Oil and Honey” Bill McKibben
“A Sand County Almanac” Aldo Leopold
“Countdown” Alan Weisman
“The Gaia Hypothesis” Michael Ruse
“The West Without Water” Lynn Ingram
“The Gap: The Science of..” Thomas Suddendorf
“What the Robin Knows” Jon Young
“Rewilding the World” Caroline Fraser
“The Forest Unseen: A
Year’s Watch in Nature” David George Haskell
“Gifts of the Crow” Marzlaff/Angell
“The Diversity of Life” E.O. Wilson
“Vampire Bats, NM ” D.E. Brown ’94
“Phantoms of the Prairie: the
return of cougars to the west” John W. Laundré
“Cougar: Ecology & Conserv..” Maurice Hornacker
“Forest Cats of N. America” Jerry Kobalenko
“Listening to Cougar” Marc Bekoff
“Nature Wars” Jim Sterba
“The Idea of a Local Economy” Wendel Barry
“It all Turns on Affection” Wendel Barry
“Hunting Sacred” Larry Littlebird
“Everything I want to do…” Joel Salatin
“Boiling Point” Ross Gelbspan
“Death of Environmentalism” T. Nordaus/M. Shellenberger
“Plan B, 4.0” Lester Brown
“Overshoot” William Catton
“Desert Solitaire” Ed Abbey
“Monkey Wrench Gang” ” ”
“Horizontal Yellow” Dan Flores
“The Natural West” ” ”
“Last Child in the Woods” Richard Louv
“Crossing the Next Meridian:
Land, Water and the Future..” Charles F. Wilkinson
“Beond the Hundreth Meridian” Wallce Stegner
“Cadillac Desert” Marc Reisner
“Down the Great Unknown:
J.W. Powell’s Journey (1869)” Edward Dolnick
“The Nations Largest Landlord:
BLM in the American West” James R. Skillen
“The Governance of Western
Public Lands: Mapping its Present…” Martin Nie
“Water: The Epic Struggle for
Wealth, Power, and Civilization” Steve Solomon
“The Big Thirst: Secret Life &
Turbulent Future of Water” Charles Fishman
“Predatory Bureaucracy” Michael Robinson (Center for Biological Diversity)
“Nature and the Human Soul” Bill Plotkin
“Your Brain on Nature” Eva Selhub/Alan Logan
“The Voice of the Earth” Theodore Roszak
“‘the Practice of the Wild” Gary Snyder
“The Biophilia Hypothesis” E.O. Wilson
“Spell of the Sensuous” David Abram
“Becoming Animal” ” ”
“Finding Beauty in a
Broken World” Terry Tempest Williams
“An Unspoken Hunger” ” ”
“Red: Pasion and Patience
in the Desert” ” ”
“Vicious: Wolves and Men
in America” Jon T. Coleman (Lamar series in western history)
“By Bread Alone” Lester R. Brown
“Original Wisdom: Stories..” Robert Wolff
“Revolution on the Range” Courtney White
“Edible Forest Gardens” David Jacke
“Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to
homescale permaculture” Toby Hemenway
“Life in the Soil: A guide for
Naturalists and Gardeners” James B. Nardi
“Restoration Agriculture” Mark Shepard
“Homegrown Humus: Cover
Crops in a no-till Garden” Anna Hess
“Teeming with Microbes:
Organic Gardeners Guide…” Lewis /Lowenfels
“The Worst Hard Time…” Timothy Egan
“The Long Winter” Laura Engalls Wilder
“Small is Beautiful” E.F. Schumacher ’73
“The Gift” Marcel Mauss ’50
“Dwellers in the Land:
the Bioregional Vision” Kirkpatrick Sale
“Human Scale” ” ”
“The Once and Future World” J.B. Mac Kinnon
“Rewilding North America: A
Vision for Conservation..” Dave Foreman
“Forgotten Grasslands of
the South” Reed Noss
“Why Dogs Hump & Bees
get Depressed” Marc Beckoff

Field Guides:
“The Trackers Field Guide” Falcon Guide, James C. Lowery
“Tracking and the Art of
Seeing” Paul Rezendes
“Mammal Tracks & Sign” Mark Elbroch
“Animal Tracks” Peterson Guide, Olaus J. Murie
“Behavior of N. American
Mammals” Peterson Guide, Mark Elbroch
“Bird Tracks and Sign: …” Mark Elbroch
“Bird Feathers” Casey McFarland
“Tom Brown’s F.G. to
Nature Observation” Tom Brown
“A Journey Through Leaves” Hannah Hinchman
“Mushrooms Demystified” David Arora
“Mushroom Hunter” Gary Lincoff
“Animal Skulls” Mark Elbroch
“Field Guide to the Sandia Mts.” Julyan/Stuever
“Trees and Shrubs of NM” Jack L. Carter
“Field Guide to Plants & Animals
of the Rio Grande Bosque” Cartron/Lightfoot/Mygatt et al.
“NM’s Reptiles and Amphibians” R.D. Bartlett

Technical/Academic and Tech./Manuals:

“Biological Soil Crusts:
Structure, Function and…” Jayne Belnap, editor
“How to do Ecology” Richard Karban
“Bringing Nature Home:
Sustaining wildlife with …” Tallamy/Dark ’09
“Island Biology” Carlquist ’74
“Habitat Fragmentation &
Landscape Change: Eco…” Lindenmyer ’06
“Ecololgy” and “Evolution” Princeton Guides, Levin et al.
“Let the Water do the Work:
Induced Meandering, an …” Zeedyk/Clothier
“NM Highlands Wildlands
Network Vision” Menke, Foreman, et al.
“S. Rockies Ecosystem…” Miller, Foreman, Soulé, et al.
“A Good Road Lies Easy
on the Land” Quivira coalition publication
“Erosion Control” ” ” Sponholtz/Anderson
“Coninental Conservation:
Scientific Foundations…” Soulé, Terborgh
“Conservation by Proxy:
Indicator, Umbrella, Keystone..” Caro/Tim/Girling et al.
“Conservation Biology: The
Science of Scarcity&Diversity” Michael E. Soulé

“Radioactive Wolves” Nature, P.B.S.
“Raccoon Nation” Documentary Film

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